Friday, September 4, 2009

"Through The Trees", plein air oil painting

This is our group painting at Anderson Farms just outside Benalto. That is Carol demonstrating in the teal sweater. This was a lovely day with great weather.

"Through The Trees", plein air oil painting, 6 x 6"
This is my second painting from our plein air day, done very quickly at the end of the day. I was concentrating on making interesting shapes filled with interesting colour, with interesting edges and no detail.
Workshop Lesson #4: Look at the forest, not each individual tree! I have a tendency to get caught up in the shape, edge, value and colour of each object in my scene as I get to them without necessarily considering them all together as a unit -how each impacts each other and how each fits into the cohesive whole of the painting. This means that sometimes less important elements are treated with too much importance. I think this will be a key to my simplifying my paintings while maintaining a strong focus.

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