Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Cathedral at Dusk:, plein air oil landscape painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Cathedral at Dusk:, plein air oil landscape painting, 8 x 10"

This painting was done extremely quickly (about 1/2 hour) while the sun was going down at Lake O'Hara. Three of us painters decided to take it on together, while the others looked on quietly. Actually one of them kept trying to serve us appetizers, but we had no time to eat, the light was changing so quickly. We were flying! To begin with I put down the lights and darks on the mountain as I knew this area would be changed the most with the light. Remember that lesson? Then I put in the foreground, and lastly I worked back into the juncture where the light meets the dark on the mountain and put in some transition values to soften some of the less abrupt edges. I am pretty proud of the way it turned out -sometimes faster is better, it doesn't give you time to mess around with it too much.


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Jacki Newell said...

Amazing! And done in just a half hour. It takes years of experience to be able to accomplish something so well done in that short of a time period. Good job! I enjoy your blog.
God bless,

Ingrid Christensen said...

This is beautiful Sharon! I love the simplicity of the forms and the limited palette. What a great painting!

Sharon said...

Thank you Jacki and Ingrid. It is nice that you took the time to comment and appreciate my paintings.