Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Marsh Reflections ii", mixed media landscape painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Marsh Reflections ii", mixed media painting, 16 x 12"
$625 framed, FREE S&H

This painting began as a demonstration for my "Painting Creatively with Watermedia" class on Mondays. The challenge was to paint with acrylics in a watercolour fashion, using the paint in a transparent way only. In the next class we explored using acrylics translucently and opaquely as well as transparently (I am not finished with that painting yet, but will post when I am). I was'nt happy with the way the transparent sky in the original demo just lay there, not adding anything to the life of the painting. I went back into the sky area with the same colour, but in
an opaque wash -wow, what a difference -the landscape just popped. I carried bits of opaque around the painting so that the sky wouldn't stick out as the only area of opaque paint. As acrylic isn't the best opaque media out there, the sky was a bit 'patchy', so I went over it with a watercolour wash of ultramarine blue, which gave it even more life as the granular pigment settled into the valleys of the watercolour paper. Yeah for mixed water media!


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Krista Hasson said...

Your colors glow, very nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon: Your painting is singing, even though you weren't happy with the sky. Can't wait to see your next "version" whereby you were able to achieve the vision you had, by playing with the opacity/transparency aspects. I really respect your insightful and analytical discussions that accompany your paintings. It always makes me think more about the tools and elements of painting, and helps me to think through my own "issues." Thank you for sharing your insights and hard work (and great results!)

Cynthia said...

This is an exciting landscape. What gorgeous vibrant color!