Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Altered Book Again

I did these two spreads after the exchange was over. I had removed many of the less interesting pages, primarily text pages, from my book as it was way too thick after all the altering was done. I did this with a craft knife, cutting very close to the seam. On the left side there was a photo of an ugly looking snake thing (YUCK!) so I camouflaged it with transparent glazes of Jenkins Green acrylics. I put another medallion that I made (see post Dec 26th for directions) on top. On the right side I stuck on a Canada sticker as the forest looks so much like the forest at our cottage. I then stuck on the HOME that I cut from a magazine. I still might do something else to this spread -any suggestions?

This is another spread where I had removed pages between the two image pages. I loved the little blue moths on the right, and BLUE has four letters, so it was game. On the left side I collaged on a blue jay feather I had found, which I had kept in my treasures box. It is a great idea to use your found treasures in your altered book!


For more information on this project, feel free to email me!

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