Thursday, December 31, 2009

What -Altered Books?

These are two more of my spreads that I did in my Altered Book -themed Four Letter Words. The image on the right was in the book already. I got Heidi to write Pink Buds in calligraphy for me. These are really not flower petals, but some cool moths! Love the pink with the yellow green. On the left side, I stamped over the text with Ultramarine blue and gold acylic paint -for the stamp I cut a piece of styrofoam packing that held a computer -it had some symbols embossed into it, and I thought, "I wonder what this would stamp like?" ALWAYS answer the 'what if?' question with trying it -that is how you learn all kinds of great stuff, and also what works and what doesn't. I then attached another distressed photo of one of my paintings -just wet the photo, and scratch at the edges with sandpaper -the LEAF was scratched out with an awl. Just wait to see what else you can do to alter photos!

This spread is actually a series of pockets. On the left hand side there is one pocket made by folding back one of the photo pages from the book. This is secured with eyelets. The back page is another image from the book. Inside this pocket I have placed a paper doll that I made out of papers I had previously painted and decorated (see post Jan 24/09) which I backed with cardstock. I added a skirt made out of lace -the movable arms, head and legs are possible because of the brads joining the pieces. The PLAY was cut out of the collage papers as well.
On the right side there are 3 pockets of differing depths, secured at the top edges with eyelets through which red and yellow cording was strung, and tied with bows. Inside each pocket are three tags -each person was to decorate 2 of the tags. I have clipped one of my tags to the front of that page just to show you an example. The tags gave us a small format to try new things on I did have a problem holding the tags in place which I thought I had solved with some double sided tape, but it has since released so will have to come up with another idea. It is too deep into the page to use staples, which would be easy. Suggestions? I will post a photo of the tags and the doll tomorrow.


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