Friday, January 8, 2010

Listen to the beauty!

Hi all: I have met so many new friends from DJ's class. I was just having a boo at Violet Skiles' lovely blog and found this beautifully sung "The Prayer" by Andrea Ross -one of my favorite songs. My son Evan sung this with his friend Jill in beautiful harmony at a singing recital and I sure wish I had a tape of it -but I have a memory that will last forever.

Please go and check out Violet's amazing romantic watercolours and oils. There is also a link where you can see her fabulous studio her and her hubby designed. The only problem is it is immaculate! Mine always looks like a hurricane has blown through! I will have to remember to take some photos of it to show you one day.



Violet said...

LOL!!! My studio doesn't look like that anymore! The photos were taken before 'art hurricane messy' hit. I suppose I should update the photos... or clean my studio! Thanks for coming over for a visit and talking about my site here : ) ~ And yes, how in the world did I find the time to bake a pie when I've been attached to the computer for D.J.'s class?!?

It was nice "meeting" you there! ~ Violet

Charmingdesigns said...

What a beautiful video!