Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Red In Winter", plein air oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Red In Winter", plein air oil painting, 8 x 6"

This is the second plein air painting I did last Friday. I really like this one- the second painting in a location is often better than the first, as you have absorbed the environment and have familiarized yourself with the lighting conditions -plus you are warmed up! I did this one from the front seat of my car however, because I was cold :)


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Carol Nelson said...

Beautiful, Sharon. I love the colors.

Rob Hazzard said...

Sharon, really beautiful painting. I love the blues in the far distance and in the shadows in the snow, as well as the rusty reds in the shrubs.....very pleasing. I'll have to try plein air in the winter some time, unfortunately I'm a wimp in the cold.

Caroline said...

Very beautiful, I liked the first one too but this has depth and is simply perfect.