Friday, February 19, 2010

Studio Oil painting -finished?

"Summit Lake Revisited", oil on canvas, 18 x 24"
I spent a few hours today getting this painting this far. I think it may be finished -what do you think? I believe I captured the essence of the original plein air painting- you can see it here. I loved the originals snow reflections, but I like this mountain better. I took some advice I found on the net to just use larger brushes when trying to work up a larger studio oil from a plein air painting -I think that was very good advice!

I also received my first blog award -at least the first one that I didn't have to jump through hoops to receive :) -from my friend and wonderful artist and writer Veronica Funk. She gave it to me with no strings attached (bless her) but on further research I see that I am supposed to direct you to 12 other artists' blogs that I love. Now I do have a very limited number of artists that this blog is linked to, which you can see on the right side of my blog, so I will endeavor to chose some new ones (these aren't in any order!) I just went through my favorites and pulled out some that I haven't been to in awhile -big mistake time-wise, but fun none the less.
1. Ingrid Christenson -loose oil painter and friend
2. Jane Rosemont - a wonderful photographer and long distance friend
3. Marc Hanson -a great plein air painter and very giving teacher -check him out to learn tons
4. Crystal Neubauer -neat 3D and mixed media stuff
5. Dominik Modlinski -this is his website, he is my plein air hero traveling to very remote areas to paint
6. Martha Lever -I took an online calligra-fun workshop from Martha, and she was in my digital manipulations class too -does fun work with journals and text
7. Annelein Beukenkamp -fabulous watercolours
8. Plein Air Artists -a ning group I just found -too many great artists here to list separately, but check out the site (that's where I read the suggestion about upsizing a PA ptg)
9. Marie Fox -oil painter -paints with a number of other fantastic artists who are linked on her site
10. And this is the last one (have to get back to painting) Elizabeth Golden -mixed media artist with lots of free give-away vintage images
Wow, that was a very eclectic grouping wasn't it.


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Artoutwest said...

This is breathtaking! I love it

Gary said...

Sharon - this is such a satisfying piece of work, filled with life and atmosphere. I want to be there.