Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Winter Tulips", oil painting from life by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Winter Tulips", oil painting, 6x6"
This is my first attempt at those flowers I bought yesterday. These ones came in a pot; that way I figured I would get several tries at them before they died. This was really hard! Again I had them set up next to my window, so had only l hour maximum. Lots of reflected light and cast shadows, plus the translucency of the petals, with the back petals showing through. I have never done a tulip painting in oil from life before -a photo makes things much easier. I didn't exactly nail it this time, but think it is kind of nice anyway.


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Martha Lever said...

oh but you surely did nail it. It is beautiful and I really don't know what you could do to have nailed it. It is beautiful. And the pairs are fabulous!!!

Sharon said...

Thank you so much Martha! I was hoping to get it more like it actually was in terms of colour, but then I only had 3 reds to chose from.