Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stranded in Paris!

Hi all: Evan and I are stranded in Paris at the moment -I know what you are thinking "life could be worse" -and you would be absolutely correct. We are very fortunate as we are in a hotel instead of sleeping in an airport; we have a hotel booked in the left bank of Paris for the next 2 nights and a new flight booked for Sunday. It is the uncertainty of all of this that is really challenging me at the moment. I have calmed down enough to begin to see the gift in this, but with things at home pressing in on me (scheduled to teach on Wednesday, workshop to teach in Canmore on Saturday and the huge Calyx show on Sunday -which I am not yet totally ready for), not to mention my son who is supposed to be doing some work on his show on Monday, plus auditions scheduled, it requires some readjustment of thinking.

For those of you who are praying people, I would ask that you would please lift up a prayer for us. I know that we are in the center of God's will, but we need patience, wisdom and faith right now, in fresh measure. Thank you so much!

Will try to keep you posted.
Au revoir for now.

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short shoestring 517 said...

There's a lovely hair salon between the Louvre and Notre Dame cathedral (On the Louvre side of the river) It's close to a garden shop with grape vines on the sidewalk. You could stop in and tell them the crazy lady from Canada/Calgary says hello! Enjoy the blessing of two more days!