Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Plein Air Oil Paintings from Mentor's Day

"Early Sring -Leighton Centre", 8x10", plein air oil painting

Yesterday was "Mentor's Day" at the Leighton Centre, just outside of Calgary. This is the third time I have had the honor of being selected to be one of the mentors chosen to share my knowledge with about 35 eager students at the LC. It was a rather blustery day, although the sun was shinning most of the day. I was slated to do plein air oil painting, and the above image is my first painting, done out on the exposed ridge. I was pretty cold despite the multiple layers by the time this was done. It isn't a very good photograph I am afraid -hard to capture the darks when the paint is still wet and shiny.

"Spring Skies-LC", 9x12", plein air oil painting

This is the second painting of the day. This time I was smart and parked myself on the balcony away from the wind. I had many more observers for this one -I wonder why?? This pretty much captures the feeling of the afternoon, and I am really happy with it. I had to do a tiny bit of tweaking on this one when I got home I will admit.



Chris said...

I love your plein air work. You really capture the glorious beauty of Canada.

Violet said...

Hi Sharon, I love your plein air paintings, the clouds are beautiful. Just saw you went to Paris, how fabulous that must have been!

I am like you, in that I do traditional paintings, but also love to do mixed-media, which looks totally different. So far I have not put the mixed media/collages online or anywhere to sell, and had been wondering if I should do a separate blog/website for that body of work, but it's encouraging to see that you also have different styles ~ and showcase it together on your blog.

~ Violet

Sharon said...

Hi Violet: I figure this is my blog and I can post whatever I like! I am glad that I can encourage you to do likewise. Not everyone will like everything, but that is ok. Some people prefer my mixed media work, some my watercolours and still others my plein air oils. It is a big world with so much to paint in so many ways. We are lucky to have all the media choices, and each lends itself to different creative statements. Enjoy!