Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pantheon in Paris

This is the Pantheon in Paris. We had a Paris Museum pass, which is the thing to get if you want to take in some culture without waiting in long lineups. So we thought we would check out this great monument to the French Revolution. It is an amazingly beautiful building that has some great paintings and Foucaults's pendulum, which has been swinging there since 1851.

This painting of St John (I think) was a lucky shot. The painting has painted rays of sun shining down on the apostle, and I just happened to be there when the real sun was shining though the stained glass windows in exactly the same slant as that in the painting. Cool eh?

I haven't been painting since I got back from France, so I thought I would give you a bit of travelogue and some cool photos I took while there.



Deltra Powney said...

Wow that is a beautiful photo with sun rays coming in on it. What a moment in time to capture! I am loving your collage work a few posts back. It is nice to visit your blog again, looks like you have been very busy!
Will drop in again soon.


Paula Cravens said...

You lucky, lucky girl to be in Paris. I will enjoy it vicariously through you. Love the sculpture shots.