Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paris -The First Time!

This is my son Evan. We played a lot with photography throughout our trip, it was so much fun. Here we are taking advantage of the rainy spring weather with a leap of faith.

No introductions needed for this one. The nice light happened just as the sun was going down. The trees weren't leaved out yet, which in a way was good as they didn't obstruct our view.

Artsy photo taken in Sepia.

One of the wonderful sculptures at the Louve, "Cupid and Psyche" particularly took my breath away. The natural lighting coming in from the large windows really made the sculptures take on a live of their own. Also capturing my imagination was Michelangeo's "Dying Slave". Hardly looked like he was shedding this mortal coil to me, maybe dying to be touched...


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