Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Burridge workshop photos

This is Bob's final (for now) version of his pear that he is holding in yesterday's post. The new neutral background really made the pear pop.

This is the master and I in front of some of Bob's paintings. I took my paint shirt off, which doesn't have quite as much paint on it as Bob's -hubby just retired so I have a whole new raft of painting shirts :)
"The Red Umbrella", acquamedia, 16x16"
This is the painting that I did yesterday. I was inspired by Melissa's red umbrella as she and it were struggling to stay on land at the Leighton Centre's clothesline sale. I was doing a demo under a tent roof and she was coming out to see if we needed anything during the storm that temporarily blew in-sweet girl. I used one of Bob's goof-proof colour schemes for it, which is a new take off on an old theme. Blue was the dominant colour, red the focal point colour, and yellow and violet as the spice colours. You can read more about Bob's ideas and subscribe to his great newsletter on his website.

I will post more of what I did at the workshop tomorrow. Now I need to get a good night's sleep before teaching my last class of the year tomorrow.



Charlene Brown said...

How odd -- wild weather in Alberta! Love the result, and thanks for the introduction to Robert Burridge. I share your enthusiasm for his stunning paintings.

Cynthia said...

Love your umbrella piece..just wonderful!!!