Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mixed Media workshop DAY 3

"How Do You Like Me So Far?", mixed media, 11 x 15"

This is NOT my work, but it is the very FIRST ever painting by one of my fabulous students, Michelle Ostrikoff. Michelle is a blast -can you tell (did you notice the horns on the figure?) We are having a great time creating 'masterpieces' here. Tomorrow is the student show so I will try to get some more photos to post then.

Series is an amazing collection of creative energy. I am rooming with Crys Harse, who is an amazing metal artist, and quite a riot on her own account. Other teachers this week include a felt artist from Montreal who makes crazy costumes for Cirque de Soleil, a ceramicist from Australia, a flamework bead maker, a bronze casting class (we get to see a pour tomorrow) and Jean Pederson is teaching figurative painting in the studio next to mine. Such fun -I wish I could take everyone's classes!


Unknown said...

Just a note on that painting; I entered it in an art show and won "Best in Show"! Thanks Sharon!

Sharon Lynn Williams said...

Congratulations Michelle!! What a score for a beautiful painting.