Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mixed Media workshop DAY FOUR

"Gabrielle", mixed media, 11 x 11"

This was one of my demos today. We were working on textured grounds, and this one has Light Molding Paste, Garnet Gel and Glass Bead Gel under the colour (thanks to the nice Golden rep who gave me some free samples). I mounted the painting, which was done on archival mat board, onto a slab of 3/4" plywood which I had painted gloss black, in lieu of a frame -looks very nice. It is my contribution to the Series Scholarship fund and it will go up for silent auction tonight during our student show. We are going out for dinner after the show, so I will take photos and post them tomorrow.
PS: they offer several free scholarships to be used towards next years' Series, so check it out and get an application in -hardly anyone knows about it, so the chances are very good you might win one ; )



Cheryl said...

How did you mount this painting to the board? I'm wondering how you applied the pressure to flatten it given all the wonderful textures on the piece. Didn't it compress the texture it a lot?

Sharon said...

Hi Cheryl: The board was flat so didn't need much pressure. I used really heavy gel which doesn't add moisture to the piece and it stuck quite quickly. I slathered the gel on with a trowel, about 1/8" thick. It surely would have squished the texture if I would have needed to weight it down -in that case I would have put bubble pack on the art before putting my encyclopedia set on top!