Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mixed Media Workshop DAY TWO

"Flight Lesson", acrylic and collage, 10 x 10"

This is one of my demos from today. We painted papers in the morning and then collaged them into 3 different compositions, then looked to see what they would be. This was a T composition (touches 3 sides leaving 3 differently shaped and sized negative shapes). I couldn't get over how much the side pieces looked like wings, so I gave the figure a head and a hand, and invited a couple of birds in to give him a lesson on taking flight.



Cynthia said...

I gasped...this is so beautiful! Adding the birds...the face..just darn gorgeous!! I want to come take your workshop!!!!I live thousands of miles away :(

Sharon said...

Oh come on -you can stay with me!!

dining tables said...

That what you call an art. The details are so unbelievable. The colors are fascinating. I love all about that painting.