Monday, August 30, 2010

"Holly's Lillies"; plein air oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Holly's Lillies", plein air oil painting, 8x6"
$350 beautifully framed, FREE S&H

Did this one sitting in my friend Holly's backyard. She is a lilly-o-holic and I think she is getting me hooked as well.

I am sitting in a pub in Anstruther -just for you! The hotel I am staying at doesn't have WiFi, and the pub does, so I am having a wee pint on you. :) Scotland is just beautiful. Our room overlooks the ocean. The sun has been shining but the wind is brisk and strong. Having a great time, and hope to post some photos tomorrow -if I am thirsty enough!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon -- I've been watching your blog to see the results of our "smoke day" when we couldn't paint mountains so set up in my back yard and painted flowers -- your painting is gorgeous and I think really captures the light and intense color of the lilies that day.

The lilies have now dropped their petals -- I think we caught those blooms at their prime. It was a lovely warm afternoon of shared experience and friendship. Not to mention great salmon sandwiches!


David Larson Evans said...

Impressed with your very nicely done.

Karen Bruson said...

Nice, strong painting. Love the way you painted the lilies and the blue sky is gorgeous!

n. rhodes harper said...

My favorite flowers in the garden. Beautiful red and greens. The way you captured the shapes of the flowers is wonderful.