Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Reinterpreting The Old Man", acrylic painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Reinterpreting The Old Man", acrylic painting, 12 x 16"
$695 framed, FREE S&H

This week I did a demo for a local art group focusing on the use of fluid acrylics -my favorite kind! I used my value study for "The Old Man River" -the same one that I painted in my Watercolour Workshop DVD. I used a tertiary triad of red-orange, yellow-green and red-violet, and decided to keep to a warm dominance. It certainly is HOT, but it makes me smile :) I primarily used the paint transparently, like watercolour, but added some opaque and translucent notes at the end.

Just for reference, below is the painting from the DVD, done in watercolour. I changed the sky in the new painting, because it just wanted to be like that!! Like I always say, plan the best you can, but then be prepared for the painting to take you in new directions.


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MariasWatercolor said...

Wonderful and warm painting, I thought for sure it was watercolor!

Sharon said...

Hey Maria -if it was watercolour, it wouldn't be nearly as vibrant! Yeah acrylics :)

Kim Blair said...

Thanks for letting me know about the Calyx Art Show, it was nice to meet you in person Sharon.
Love the way you used fluid acrylics in this painting and interesting to see how you change a few things in the second painting. Where would we be without our artistic license?

Christine said...

this is gorgeous and I love the brilliant warm colors

Sharon said...

So glad you all like it -it was quite fun to do.