Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Rundle Ridge Spring iv, acrylic painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Rundle Ridge Spring iv, acrylic painting on 300lb watercolour paper, 11 x 15"
$425 framed, FREE S&H

Here is another go in the painting series posted last week, based on my plein air oil painting. This time I have kept the colour scheme of "Rundle Ridge Spring ii", but this time I have used the acrylics transparently, translucently and opaquely. It is really neat to see this beside the totally transparent painting -the mountains look more weighty and the sky is very atmospheric. I began the painting with a yellow/yellow-orange underwash over all the paper. When that was dry I layered translucent blue washes over the sky, lifted some clouds and then floated in some white. The yellow underpainting is visible beneath the varying opacities of the sky giving a very cool look to the sky. The mountains were painted opaquely at the tops, moving to a more translucent at the bottoms. The trees were done transparently and the water had the same translucent washes as the sky. This is a very neat way of working -I am hooked :)


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