Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Wooded Places", mixed media painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Wooded Places", mixed media painting, 12 x 12"

I haven't done a collage painting for such a long time, and it was SO fun to do. I paint and decorate all my own collage papers, and the paintings begin with a random smattering of them. Then I look and look to the painting to tell me the direction to take. This one began easily as the two main trees were suggested in the paper, and off I went painting, covering up, repainting, simplifying and then making busy again until the whole thing began to form a cohesive unit. It would be neat to have several of the exact same starts to see the different paintings they would become.


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Donna MacDonald said...

Hi Sharon - I've always loved your collages! Wonderful.

Sharon said...

Thanks Donna! They are very fun to do, especially when they are going well -just like everything else I assume :)

Eileen Keelan said...

Love this work!