Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Twisted" -acrylic demonstration PART 3

Step 10: White paint was added to the snow once again, leaving some of the more neutral white to show in places.

Step 11: Light blue/violet was used where the snow on the boughs would be in the shade. My imaginary light source is coming from the upper left.

Step 12: More sky washes to increase depth and interest.

The final painting. Smaller branches were added, the light shadow patterns refined, more foliage added, the sun more pronounced and sky holes refined. I hope that you have enjoyed this demonstration as much as I did painting it!


To purchase this, or commission your own painting, please email me.


Caroline said...

Hi Sharon, I have enjoyed spending some time on your blog this morning catching up on your latest works and your Scottish painting holiday post. First the acrylic demonstrations are very interesting and it is a great help to see how you are building up the painting to produce a really lovely tree. Your trees are always so wonderful I receive you posts via my email and it is always a delight to open them and see your trees in the landscape each with their own personality and the colours are always well chosen. I would think that you have painted and drawn a lot of trees to be able to depict them so perfectly.
I think your Scottish journey paintings are lovely, watercolour is a tricky medium to use yet you have gain a lot of control and most of all you have captured the essence of the place, even without reading the title of your post I just knew it was Scotland! Working professionally at our craft does put more pressure on us to produce high quality work all the time yet when you get to know professional artists you find out that not all paintings are masterpieces many are studies from which they need to continually keep learning. Please do place all your Scottish paintings into a special portfolio Sharon and keep as a lovely holiday memory, I believe at a later date you will open the portfolio and then see the wee gems you have produced and appreciate them with very fond memories. All the best from the highlands of Scotland in the snow!

Maria's Watercolor said...

This is beautiful, the process takes so much planning and thought, wonderful to see how you go about producing a painting this way. Thanks for taking the time to share.

Sharon said...

Thanks for taking the time to write such a lovely post Caroline. I was hoping to be able to meet you when I was in Scotland, but maybe next time! You have a wonderful country, and I would love to return to paint it again someday -in oils!!

Pattio said...

I love to work spontaneously but you have inspired me to try my hand at something with more planning. I love your demo and the textures you used and the layers of colours you built up, with beautiful results.