Sunday, January 9, 2011

How Do I Do It All? and another SALE Watercolour by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Iris Garden", watercolour, image 11 x 14"
framed size 18 x 22"- double mat and lovely mahogany wood frame
This is one of my absolutely favorite watercolours, but alas, no more room on my walls!

On another note, one of my followers recently asked: "How do you paint so much and get so many paintings finished? What are your schedule secrets? It would really help me if I knew how to work so well. I want to make this new year productive as my years are sliding by very rapidly, as I’m now 73 years old and I only started painting in 2005. You see that I have a lot to cover even if I am a Grandma Moses!"
I asked Shirley for permission to post her question, as I thought it might benefit you. WOW, firstly let me say that I am really impressed at her drive and determination, and that is half of the secret, as well as half the battle. I know I have been given a great gift, and believe it is my calling in life to be an artist and a teacher. God has given me an incredible passion to paint which sustains me, as long as I am willing to do the hard work. And as you know, there is a lot of that to do. You know, it never gets easier, the bar just keeps getting higher.
As for schedule, I am really not that disciplined, and don't have a daily routine, I am sorry to say. But I do try to paint whenever I can, and I really LOVE to paint outside -so if it is nice enough out that I don't get soaked, frozen or blown away, I will try to paint out. Otherwise, I think I have to credit my teaching for keeping me in production mode. You can't teach from an empty well, and although it makes finding painting time more difficult, it is what I need to do to keep ahead of my students. I have often heard it said "if you want to learn something really well, teach someone else", and I think that is really true. Add to that a somewhat sucessful professional career which adds it's own demands, and there you have it. No time NOT to paint!! And it does help that I am a fairly fast painter, and I stick with it until it is done whenever possible.
If I could give you some suggestions that might help you, one would be to set aside some time on a regular schedule, several times a week, just to paint. Don't worry about the product, just focus on the process. You just have to get in the brush miles!! Do it when you feel like it, but especially when you don't. You will find yourself absorbed within minutes, and you won't have to feel guilty because you didn't even try. Find your bliss! This is something that you obviously are passionate about, so GO FOR IT. It might be helpful to get together with other like minded souls to paint together and encourage each other. Show your work, if you like it, so that people you have never met can encourage you as well. Take some workshops from artists you admire. And finally, try to stay positive. Believe in yourself!
Best of luck my friend

Please note that I have added my upcoming shows and workshops to the sidebar of my blog, as well as a list of post categories so that you can navigate to past posts with convenience. There- scratch off one of my New Year's goals!!!

If you would like to purchase this painting, or ask a question of your own, please email me.


Maria's Watercolor said...

This iris painting is wonderful, such bright colors and soft edges, the flowers pop out of the paper, nice contrast to the icy snow outside my front door!

Virginia Floyd said...

A lovely painting, Sharon. And I really enjoyed reading your post. I liked you comment about painting even when you don't feel like it. It is so true.

Brenda Ferguson said...

Sharon, this painting is GLORIOUS! I love all the color.

Sharon said...

Hi guys. Thanks again for the wonderful comments on the painting. It sold this morning to a very good friend of mine -YEAH -so glad it is going to a home where I can visit it!

Karen Bruson said...

Beautiful color and washes.