Monday, April 25, 2011

New Plein Air Oil painting and Utah photos by Sharon Lynn Williams

"View From Our Needles Campground", 9 x 12", plein air oil painting
$595.00 framed, free S&H

This was the scene from our lovely camping spot in the south part of Canyonlands National Park called 'The Needles'. I think that was my favorite place of the holiday. The area was very open and you could hike right around and between the most fabulous rock formations. I loved the colour of the earth and the plant life there -so very different from anything around where I live. I was aiming to get the recession in the cliffs as well as the cool bounced light in the shadows of the red rock formations. The foreground tree is a Utah Juniper -which is a fantastic tree. When there is a drought, the trunk twists and turns and makes fabulous shapes.

This is my darling on one of hikes into the needles. Too bad that a photo really can't capture the amazing feeling of being there!

One of the last things I did while at Arches National Park was to take a guided hike into a place called the Fiery Furnace. Some places were so tight that you had to really maneuver to get by. I felt like a 12 year old boy!!


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Brenda Ferguson said...

Gorgeous color...this painting sparkles!

SKIZO said...


Chris said...

this is wonderful-a place I've always wanted to visit. Love your posts about your travels...and your paintings too!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the kind comments!