Thursday, April 28, 2011

Plein Air Watercolour by Sharon Lynn Williams

"At Ghost Ranch", plein air watercolour, 5.5 x 15.25"
$100 matted in archival matting, plus taxes and shipping -click on the image to see a larger version!!!

After our time at Moab we headed down to Santa Fe, where a good friend now has a lovely home. I was unprepared for how fantastic that town is! And the art there -all I can say is WOW. I spent a day and a half looking through the galleries gawking at fabulous art work by some of the contemporary masters, and instead of deciding to just shoot myself (which is a common reaction after seeing stunning art) I was tremendously inspired. Now all I need is TIME to paint it out!!
I have always been interested in Georgia O'keeffe's work but after going to the museum in her name, I am pumped about her. They had a show that featured her art materials and methods, and a lot of her very simple line sketches and resulting paintings were on display. I had previously only known her for her flowers and abstracts, but I was stunned by her landscapes, and how closely she relied on the actual colours and forms. I bought a wonderful book that shows her painting inspiration with the resulting paintings, and I realized that what she was doing is very close to what I want to accomplish in my own paintings (only different if you know what I mean) -kind of gave me permission to pursue that vision. Needless to say I just had to drive out to Ghost Ranch to see the place that Georgia painted so often. I did the above watercolour sitting outside the visitor centre. While it has little resemblance to anything the famous one did, I am quite happy with it. I was glad that I had taken my long watercolour block with me, as it was just the ticket to capture that landscape.


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Martha Kisling said...

Beautiful watercolor!

Sharon said...

Thank you Martha!! I sometimes forget how much I love watercolour.