Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tribute to A Teacher

I had my last class for the year for my mixed media students yesterday. They have been a wonderful bunch of curious and willing learners, and I owe them a debt of gratitude for allowing me help them on their art journey. As a surprise, one of my very talented students also seems to be a budding poet! Sally Hodges wrote and performed this poem with the help of Pat Davis (who read the lines in blue), and it was all I could do to not bawl.

Poem for Sharon Lynn Williams

An artist sat on a folding chair,

She held her paintbrush in the air.

“What would happen if?” she said,

And thought of the message on her fore-head.

“Repetition with Var-i-ety”

“This way I’ll find out what might be”

She said, never needing herself to coax

As she set to work with new, bold strokes.

“I’m gonna keep loose and take a risk”

Never had art seen one so brisk –

This lady was fast! This lady had powers!

And she painted on for hours and hours.

Now this artist took on lots of folks

Teaching them what was real and what a hoax.

She passed on her knowledge. She shared her skill

And taught that art needs people’s… will.

Her passion was contagious , her eye very sharp,

On the less than good she did not harp!

“Isn’t this exciting!” she’d often exclaim,

“We’re going to play the Waldo Game”.

So she mixed up quins and her favourite blue,

“Looking for the colours is what you do”.

“Now if you are stuck you simply say

‘What do I like, or not, today?

What do I need to leave or change?

Believe that you know how to gauge.

You can fix and change and choose

No rules of never, so there’s nothing to lose”

So her students worked ‘til they all could say

“How cool is that!”…like their teacher one day.

May 2, 2011 The Monday Mixed Media Class

"With our sincere thanks for all you have taught us and for all your encouragement. We have gone far beyond what we thought we could accomplish and have delighted in the process. We owe to you a large debt of gratitude. Thank you so very much."

Wow, I am in awe....




Margaret said...

As one of your former students, I agree: you deserve every word! :-)

Sharon said...

Why thank you Margaret -you are too sweet. Wonderful students like you make it all worthwhile!