Friday, June 10, 2011

New Plein Air Oil Painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Foggy Morning At Lloyd Park", 8x10", plein air oil on board
$150.00 unframed, shipping and handling not included

Last weekend I taught a plein air workshop for the Calgary Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. The workshop was open to all media, as the focus was on how to handle all the complexities of plein air painting. When we arrived at Lloyd Park it was 6C, drizzling and very, very foggy. I thought it was a great opportunity to paint fog as we so seldom experience it here in Calgary. Well it lifted quickly and I had only a bit of it left by the time I finished this painting. I was impressed that all the students turned up, complete with winter coats and hats!!
Ah, the joys of plein air painting :)

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Christine said...

I love this painting and I have posted your site on my blog