Friday, July 15, 2011

New Plein Air DVD filming -Day 1 Oil Demo

"What Could Be", plein air oil, 9 x 12"

This is the first demonstration in my NEW PLEIN AIR DVD!! I have finally been persuaded to film another video, this time on the plein air experience and how I handle it. It has a full demo in oil and one in watercolour, (which I will share with you tomorrow). This was a very interesting experience as I ended up changing the colouration and the composition in the actual scene to be more dramatic and inviting, hence the title. Below you can see the photo that I took when I began painting. The DVD talks about the changes I made and why, while I am making them, and gives you a front seat to some pretty major artistic decisions. A very big 'permission slip' for those of you tentative about venturing out to do some plein air painting of your own!

original scene
 This is the WhitePine Productions film crew (friends Rex and Susan Beanland) getting all set up to film my day of oil painting. WhitePine are the videographers who filmed my "Watercolour Workshop" DVD, and I must say, they do an AWESOME job! There were 3 cameras filming my demo, so the audience won't miss anything. I hope that the DVD will be ready in November in time for Christmas gift giving. I will post a preview of the video as soon as it is ready.

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Donna MacDonald said...

Love this latest painting! The colours sing!! I think your DVD will be fabulous. Looking forward to the preview.

Azra said...

I hav'nt seen the demo yet but this landscape is fabulous!

Virginia Floyd said...

This painting is beautiful! I love the changes you made. You really made the scene much more interesting than the photo. Great job!