Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Plein Air Oil painting and Carol Marine Exercises

 "Spring Runoff -Fish Creek", plein air oil painting, 7 x 12"
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This painting was done earlier this summer -very late snow pack melt here in Alberta, so the rivers and creeks have been high for a long time. Normally you wouldn't be able to take a canoe down this creek, but you sure could have this day.

I thought I would share some exercises we did at the Carol Marine workshop. We were taught to group our values so that we had a dominant value, a secondary value and a smidge value. We had to plan the value composition before beginning to paint and then execute the plan. We were encouraged to try a different plan with each study. It was almost impossible to do a dark dominant painting without making things up, so I didn't do that one. We began with 30 minutes to do the first one, then 15 and lastly 5. Luckily we were allowed to simplify the composition as we shortened the time!
30 minutes; dominant=mid value , secondary=dark value , smidge =light value
15 minutes; dominant=light value , secondary=mid value , smidge =dark value
5 minutes -that was FAST!; dominant=light value , secondary=mid value , smidge =dark value
 I think I will practice some transparent glazing with these as I like the compositions, and will post again later.

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Virginia Floyd said...

Nice job on the value studies! Carol's workshops are terrific.

Sharon Lynn Williams said...

Virginia: Have you been one of the thousands to have the good fortune of attending one of Carol's workshops?