Friday, July 8, 2011

Two new oil paintings from Carol Marine's workshop

"Abandoned Beauty #1", 6 x 5" oil on 3/4" masonite

I took a photo of an abandoned truck that I passed each day on my way to the Carol Marine workshop in Benalto -when in Rome, and all that. (By the way, I decided to camp nearby in my campervan -there is already paint spilled in there, so future paintings will be good -logic according to fishermen wrt blood in a boat!!) I would have painted it plein air, but it was right beside the highway and didn't trust the situation. So I worked it up from my photo, in my van, on the first night of the workshop.

"Abandoned Beauty #2", 6 x 6" oil on gallery canvas

On the 4th day of the workshop we worked from photos, and Carol demonstrated a truck of her own. I thought I would revisit my photo of my truck to see what I could do using some of Carol's brushwork and simplification techniques. This is the result, which took less than an hour, compared to the 2 hours I spent on the first one. It is definitely looser, and was perhaps easier to do on the second try as I was now familiar with the shapes. My hubby likes the first one better -which one do you like better and why?


To purchase either of these paintings, or to commission your own painting, please email me.


Virginia Floyd said...

Sharon, they are both beauties. I agree the second one is a little more loose. (From what I can tell from a photo.) Since I think we are all striving to paint looser, I think I'll vote for the second painting.


Hi Sharon,
That truck is a 49 GMC. the old trucks become a better subject with age.I worked on many of those.I must pick #2. the lines are the lines of beauty passed.
Happy brushing,

Sharon Lynn Williams said...

It seems the artists like #2 and the non-artists like #1 -what's with that???