Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm back! A lot to report...

"Inukshuk" 6 x 8", plein air oil painting

Well we are finally back from our month long vacation, and in need of a vacation from our vacation of course! At the end of July we drove from Calgary to our family cottage just south of Algonquin Park where we spent 10 days with our children -it has been quite a while since we were all together at the cottage, and we had a lovely time. My kids are strewn all over North America and we don't get to spend much quiet time with them, so it was a lovely bonus to have them at our quiet little cottage. I did this small painting of the Inukshuk our nephew Greg built on our rock pile. Very original of him to include driftwood in it I thought.

One day fellow IPAP painter and new friend John Stuart Pryce came up to cottage country to paint with me. We found this nice little lake at the side of the road that John has painted before. It was a real treat to meet such a talented artist and one of the few Canadian members of the International Plein Air Painters, of which we are both signature members.

"Water Lily Lake", 7 x 12", plein air oil

 "Lakeside Colour", 9 x 12", plein air oil

 In process shot of my painting.

 Mr Pryce himself. He did a really wonderful 12 x 16" painting. It was interesting how different our processes were, yet we both captured a very personal impression of the place. I hope to paint with him again if possible. Check out his website as he has several excellent demonstration videos on it.

We are off tomorrow for the long weekend -I know, I know, busy woman! We are going on a canoe trip to  Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park and will camp and canoe there for 4 days. This is one of the most beautiful glacial lakes in the Canadian Rockies, and the home of the famous "Spirit Island". Of course I am taking my paints and feel incredibly lucky to be able to paint the lake at my leisure and very close up!

So be sure to stay tuned to see the results, plus I will tell you all about the "Plein Air Rockies 2011" plein air competition that capped the end of our summer holiday in Estes Park, Colorado.


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Carol Nelson said...

Hi Sharon,
Glad you know you made it safely back home after all that traveling.
I hope you had a great time in Estes and RMNP. I so wanted to get up there, see you, and take in the whole process, but I had a show last weekend for which I was painting madly.
I look forward to hearing of your adventure on Colorado.

Murray Elliot Breen, aka Surfthearts said...

Looks like you had a great time in Algonquin. Moving away in the 90's to Hawaii for 13 years, I realize I miss those north of Toronto treks. Aklthgough I painted a lot in Hawaii. As creative director of an international design firm in Toronto during the late 70's and eighties, I was aware of John's architectural renderings, as I designed leasing sales brochures and graphics for large developers, and worked with several good renderers. I did NOT know that John plein air painted as well. Super, that you could learn and share with him! Regards, Murray Breen

Wendy Mould said...

Your paintings are wonderful and I am so jealous. We love to canoe and camp as well and I know the area you are going to is beautiful. Have a great weekend.