Monday, November 21, 2011

More Collage Workshop photos

 Here are some step by step photos I took of two 12" x 12" collages that I did as demonstrations for my collage class. After we completed our b&w collages, we spent a day and a half dying and decorating tissue papers to use in our collages. I chose a complementary palette of blue and orange, and decided to make 2 'T' design collages. Above is the first step of the process (click the images to enlarge them).
Here they are a little further along.The edges of the 'T' have been finessed to make the 3 negative shapes more interesting. 

This is how they looked at the end of the day. I am not sure if they are finished yet, but they are close. I will reassess them in the morning. The painting at left has a 'leaf' motif and the theme of the one on the right is geometric squares. The collages have been painted back into to pull out patterns and line, as well as to establish a colour dominance (orange on the left, blue on the right). Collage is a wonderful way to teach yourself design, and also to experiment with 'what would happen if...'

Here are three of my students busy at work (I chose three with the tidiest tables -you should see mine. It took me 2 days to find my scissors!)


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