Friday, May 11, 2012

"Spring Pond Reflections", new plein air painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Spring Pond Reflections", 8 x 10" plein air oil on multimedia artboard mounted on masonite
Painting available on auction here, beginning bid $100

I was lucky enough to catch the first blush of new leaves at nearby Carburn Park. I used a new surface called Multimedia Artboard to do this painting on. This piece was ungessoed and was extremely absorbent, which gave an almost pastel like quality to the mark making which I found to be quite interesting. It is basically some kind of paper with resin mixed in so it becomes an archival, inert surface to work on. The best part is it is extremely light, about the weight of a piece of cardstock. I have prepared some sheets with gesso for my upcoming painting trip to Tuscany -hopefully it will be the perfect support to travel with! I will mount all successful work onto masonite when I get home.


To purchase this painting, or commission your own painting, please email me at williamsdotsharonatshawdotca (insert characters for the dot and at!)

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Margaret said...

Lovely! Now when are you coming out here to paint our cat-tails? ;-)

Miss said...

I've never heard of this artboard before- it sound ideal for my needs (lightweight!!) Can you buy it in Calgary?

Love your work- saw it yesterday at the Western Showcase at the Stampede- that's how I found your blog. You plein air paintings are so beautiful and inspiring!

Sharon Lynn Williams said...

HI Miss: Thank you for your kind comments on my paintings -I am glad you enjoy them. I bought the Multimedia Art Board at Art Supplies Direct here in Calgary.