Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Bands of Autumn" plein air oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Bands of Autumn" 8 x 10"plein air oil painting
$395 beautifully framed

Sometimes when I go out painting, I am just struck by the abstract in the landscape. This was one such time. I loved the linear layers: the tall trees against the distant mountains, the bushes with their interesting shapes (and my colours!), all with the newly harvested fields in between. Yummy!

By the way, if I may be so bold to brag, my fabulously talented son Evan recently starred in the movie called "The Fortune Theory". If you are interested, you can watch the trailers here. Click on the blue circle on the upper left to see the menu, with the trailers.


To purchase this painting, commission your own painting or contact me to do a workshop in your area, please email me at williamsdotsharonatshawdotca (insert characters for the dot and at!)

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