Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Winter's Mirror #2" oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Winter's Mirror #2", 12 x 16" oil on canvas
$595 beautifully framed, click here to purchase

Happy New Year everyone! I haven't been painting much at all since my darling daughter moved back home at the beginning of October, but I did get this one done. It is the second painting that I did from this reference, as the first one sold right away, and I was really intrigued with the light and shadow patterns/colours and the unusual perspective. It is part of my new show that I am hanging tomorrow at Gallery 109 in High River. The theme is "Winter" -thought I better get this show up before everyone tires of the white stuff : ) The show will be up until March when I hope to hang a mixed media show -my favorite thing to paint during the long winter when it is too cold to paint outside. Hope you can pop by if you are in the neighborhood -or if you live in Calgary, come out for the beautiful drive!

By the way, here is the first painting. Interesting to see the differences! Much more focus on the subtle colour variations in the snow banks, and less on "hit you in the face" colour. What a difference in the energy/mood of the two paintngs. I painted them both from a photo reference I took, and its been a long time since I took a look at the original one. Glad I didn't let it influence the second version. Let me know which one you like better, and why!


To purchase this painting, commission your own painting or contact me to do a workshop in your area, please email me at williamsdotsharonatshawdotca (insert characters for the dot and at!)

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Anjuli Johnson said...

Ooooh, I love this one! The green trees reflected in the water with the snow on the river bank- it's lovely, though it does make me feel a little cold. Good thing I've got some hot chocolate with me.