Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tuscany Workshop -day 3

We were all so tired from yesterday's long drive that we decided to stay at the villa today. It was another gorgeous day in paradise, with a high of 86F and not a cloud in the sky. We painted outside in the shade of the olive trees after I did an oil demonstration on our terrace (jealous yet?) shown below.

I really struggled with the subject but loved what was happening in the lower part of the painting, so ended up scraping out the top third and repainted it to better match the style of the bottom. We have been having some amazing evening light here, and that came through in my solution. Good to show my students how to scrape back and try it again. I love modeling my failures and my attempts to figure it all out -I have learned the most from that process.

Here is my sunflower painting from yesterday - the painting isn't really this dark but I don't have photo editing on my phone -but you get the drift : )



TAMI HORT said...

Oh Sharon those artworks are fabulous
But I was ver distracted by the pool and figure I would be soaking still,

TAMI HORT said...

Oh Sharon these artworks are gorgeous!