Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tuscany Workshop -Day 5&6

"St. Antimo Abbey", 8x10" Plein air oil

PLEASE NOTE: I went back into this painting when I got home as it seemed to have 2 focal points! By this I mean that it was hard to tell whether the painting was about the grape vines or about the abbey. So I enlarged the vines and made them overlap the abbey, greyed the colour in the abbey and made the tall cypress bluer to send them into the background. I also rephotographed the painting so that you could see the actual colour!!

Sorry, but I was just having too much darn fun to post yesterday, but above is the oil I did at the Abbey. We were able to go in for a service and hear the monks do Gregorian chants, while sunbeams streamed through the windows (no stained glass here unfortunately)

Today we drove to Pienza, which I think is my favorite Italian town, after Assisi of course -such an amazing spirit in that place. St Francis would be pleased!

We spent our day doing pen & ink & watercolour sketching. Here are a few of mine (which are way too blue, but I didn't have image editing software on my phone at this point!):

The above one was done while I sat at a lovely cafe, under a large white umbrella, while sipping a birra (Italian for beer) and munching on a Calabrese salad -yum!

These sketches have a blue cast because I took them in the shade and, again, I don't have a photo editing program on my phone yet -which reminds me - any suggestions for a good iPhone app for this???


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Joyce at Calico Paint said...

I am really enjoying your posts, and yes, I am jealous. I would love to have such a trip in my future.

Have you used the Camera + app? It usually works for making corrections to lighting. But I thought the blue paper was beautiful without any correction.