Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuscany Workshop -day 9!

"Welcome Home", 8x10" Plein air oil on Arches Oil Paper mounted on board

Today we visited the wonderful medieval hill town of Catiglione D'Orcia. (You should really Google image it!) I did the above demo using fab artist, Dreama Tolle Perry's technique (you should Google her as well to see her joy filled work). It started with a wet transparent under painting, shown below:

Here is a photo of the scene, FYI

And here is a photo of the fabulous Piazza Il Vecchieta, the original paving and well dating back to 1618 ( the light house on the right was a much latter addition)

Boy, I wish you could be here sharing this adventure with me! And thanks to all of you who have taken the time and effort to comment and let me know you are enjoying the journey vicariously. Cornelia, from Germany, kindly wrote to tell me that the pine trees in yesterday's post are called Stone Pines, how great is that! Thanks for the info - reminds me of a story book my kids loved called Stone Soup : )



Julie Ford Oliver said...

Brilliant use of light and color

Cornelia said...

citation: "... reminds me of a story book my kids loved called Stone Soup : )"
Oh yes, I know this wonderful fairy tail as well. It was in one of my very first German school books. Some say its origin is Portugal, some say it comes from Corsica.

Have a nice time in Tuscany - I will be there in october :-))

Many greetings,

Karen Oliver said...

I am really enjoying your blog Sharon and wish I was there in person to enjoy. Keep us armchair travellers updated!!