Monday, September 16, 2013

Tuscany Workshop -wrap up

"Bagno Sunshine", 6x16" plein air watercolor

This was my last demo of the workshop. It was done on my new block of Cartiera Magnani 'Portofino' hot pressed paper. This paper is absolutely wonderful for the pen and watercolour paintings, but also works great for regular painting. Look who came to check things out during the demo -could it be Dreama's cat Eddie??? I heard he was spying on her while she is in Italy...

Then I did this pen & ink & watercolour on our last day in Bagno Vignoni ( I posted a photo of the scene on day 10)

So that wraps up our trip. It was a wonderful workshop filled with sunshine and wonderful artists. Here is a photo of our small but happy group:

So I will leave you with our last sunset, this one taken from the plane on the way home.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon and congratulations on the trip -- I was following with great envy! Good thing we decided not to have a joint booth at the Black Diamond art fest in connection with the Tour of Alberta bike race -- the event was rained out (the art fest, not the bike race). Weather day before & day after was glorious but on Saturday it POURED!!
Hugs, Holly