Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Sunflower Field -Tuscany", plein air oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Sunflower Field -Tuscany", 9x12" plein air oil painting
$495 framed, click here to purchase

When I got home from my Italy trip, I went back into this plein air painting (see original post here, which is too blue due to the photography but the values are correct!) and decided to lighten up the middle and background, as well as to put some more colour sparkle in the sunflowers and leaves.

I am happy to announce that I just won second prize for it at the upcoming Federation of Canadian Artists sale to take place on Nov 2 at the Haysboro Community Hall. Here's the invitation -if you are in town, I hope you will come and see the show. I will have 7 paintings in it, and the quality of work this time is amazing!


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Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Antique Car Series by Sharon Lynn Williams

 "1951 Ford" ,6 x 8" oil on board
$275 framed, click here to purchase

I know I said that I would share my sketches from Haida Gwaii next, but I can't find them in my computer! So I thought I would share this new series instead. I fell in love painting old cars and trucks (who knew?), which you might remember with my Model A Ford paintings. The Show and Shine was happening at the same time as Alberta Art Days in High River, so I did these before and during the show. I hope you enjoy them!  I am also accepting commissions for you or your loved ones -loved ones :)

 "1956 Belair", 6x8" oil on board
$275 framed, click here to purchase

 "1956 Monarch Richelieu",6x8" oil on board
$275 framed, click here to purchase

 "1958 Ford Fairlane", 6x8" oil on board
$275 framed, click here to purchase

"1948 DeSoto", 6x8" oil on board
$275 framed, click here to purchase

and now for a lovely old truck I saw in a field..

"Abandoned", 6 x 6" oil on board
$250 framed, click here to purchase

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Friday, October 11, 2013

"Poise" encaustic and ENCAUSTIC WORKSHOP by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Poise", 12 x 7" encaustic painting on panel
$395 framed, click here to purchase

I know I said I would post Haida Gwaii paintings today, but I have just finalized arrangements for an encaustic workshop to be held here in Calgary Oct 17 & 18th. I just had to post a recent encaustic painting to advertise it!(please see the sidebar on my blog for the details)

The above painting was done by using a pastel pencil for the figure and a stencil was used to develop the lower pattern. I think she looks like she is sitting on grass in front of a flower garden.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dreama Tolle Perry Workshop Review

"Dreama's France", 12 x 12" oil on board

I am so far behind in posting this blog that I am totally embarrassed! I realize that the last paintings I posted were from June, with the exception of my Tuscany trip. So I will make the effort to get you caught up to speed on what I have been doing, and maybe even the 'why' of it : )

From May 13-15 I had the great privilege to finally take a workshop with my painting hero, Dreama Tolle Perry. She was as lovely to learn from as she appears on her blog. LOVE her work, and she really made each person feel special and uniquely gifted, no matter the level of ability. I hope I learned as much about being a great art teacher as I did her painting techniques!

For the first 2 days we did paint alongs, so I will share both of those here. The one pictured above was from our second day, but I liked it best, so it got posted first. The second painting is below. I am not that much of a flower painter, but I do love them and have painted them often, just way less often than plein air landscapes -flowers are uniquely difficult to paint from life, and that is the way I prefer to paint.

"Dreama's Flowers", 12 x 12" oil on board

The third painting I did, "Italian Colour" was posted on Aug 30th - if you want to have a look click here. That one I did totally on my own, using her method. Had to make sure I had it to use on my own photos before I left the workshop!

I have done several more using her technique of a wet colourful under-painting with opaque oils on top. You can see them here and here. I have done a couple of others as well that I will be posting in the near future. I have tried to adapt her style to my own plein air subjects in order to make the technique my own, and I must say I am encouraged by the results. However, more likely than not, I prefer to work on my signature red-orange ground.

Next post I will take you to Haida Gwaii, so stay tuned.

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