Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mount Assiniboine Plein Air Painting Trip by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Between Terrapin and Magog", 9x9" plein air oil on board
$295 beautifully framed

In August I had the great adventure of taking a helicopter in to Mount Assiniboine (instead of doing the 24 km hike in with all my gear) to paint with friends for 5 days. Hiking around Lake Magog at Mt. Assiniboine's base takes you to this view -just loved the composition.

"The Towers-Assiniboine NP", 8x10" plein air oil on board
$395 beautifully framed

This is the view of one of the neatest mountain shapes around the area. There was a conveninet creek flowing from the bottom of it that made the neatest entry into the painting. This peak was compelling at many times of the day as the sun moved around it.

"Evening Light -Naiset Huts", 10x8" plein air oil on board
$395 FRAMMED,  click here to purchase

As the light was fading and we were waiting for our friends to cook dinner (we took turns each night) the light was coming through the shadows of the tall evergreens and making a wonderful pattern on the roof of a neighbouring hut. I had about 30 minutes to capture it before it was totally gone. I did it in the "Dreama" style of using a wet transparent underpainting -the best for a quick take on a subject I've found.

"Hillside Wildflowers", 10x8" plein air oil on board
$395 beautifully framed

Along the path on one of our hikes we passed this amazing hillside just covered in all kinds of wildflowers. I returned later to give it a try, and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

"Totally Absorbed", 8x10" plein air oil on board
not for sale

We were once again at the base of Mt Assiniboine to paint, but the mountain was covered with cloud and I didn't feel like painting it again. (I did make 2 tries at it, but am not too pleased with either of them. I did take photos so who knows, maybe I will give it a go this winter) This is my friend Pat who was, as the title suggests, totally absorbed in her painting.

It was a wonderful time exploring the area, but unfortunately the lovely weather we had for the first 2 days didn't hold out. I think I will go back another time as there is so much beauty to be had for very little effort (unlike O'Hara which involves quite a bit of trekking up mountainsides for the payoffs).

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