Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"From Fall To Winter", mixed media collage by Sharon Lynn Williams

"From Fall To Winter", 12 x 12" collage and acrylic paint
$475 framed, click here to purchase (this painting is currently in the Leighton Art Centre's Annual Members show -check it out!)

I am so far behind in posting my paintings, so am just picking and choosing what to post from my winter's production. While I love to paint in oil on location in the warm weather months, that is a relatively short period of time here in Calgary. I don't really enjoy paintng from photos in oil -it seems too easy to get caught up in all the 'stuff' that is in the photo, and for me it is hard to really connect with the place just from the photo. Now sometimes I can do that if I have taken the photo recently or if it holds a special meaning for me, but usually it is just 'nice stuff'.

 From November to May I spend time in my studio just painting whatever inspires me at the moment, and that is when I unleash my creativity. Perhaps that is one reason I look forward to the length of winter here every year! My winter passions go more to the abstract, and I really enjoy mixed media collage, accrylics and now encaustic.

I was having a crisis this morning, thinking that I should probably just do ONE thing, as this is the path so many of my artist friends have taken. But my darling husband reminded me that I am not everyone else, so why should my path look like everyone elses'? Plus he knows me -he knows I would get very bored only doing one thing, and it would make me miserable. I am in the blessed and enviable position that I don't need to rely on income from painting sales to eat. Which is VERY good!! This allows me the freedom to follow my muse, exploring everything about art making. It also helps me be a good teacher as I know how to use most mediums in most styles. I guess I should be happy being a 'jack of all trades', even if it means I am not a master in any. Que up the song "Don't worry, be happy".

I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue of focusing on one thing versus exploring the whole. I promise to respond to each comment.

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