Friday, April 11, 2014

"Surge", encaustic painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Surge", 12 x 12" encaustic on deep cradled panel, stained and varnished on edges
$475, click here to purchase

I have been back to playing in the wax, and am thoroughly enjoying the exploration. This painting was an exercise in controling the wax and in using metalic and irridescent pigments. The yellow part (sky) was fused using a flat tacking iron, which allows you to move the paint around, creating a layed effect. The violet section is irridescent violet pigment, which only shows violet when you look at it from a certain direction. The turquoise (water) was fused with a heat gun in multiple layers of colour and texture. It is too bad that encaustics don't photograph very well, and you can't see all the texture, both implied (by various combinations of colours) and actual (physical layers and holes in the surface). What looks brown in the photo is actually irredescent gold pigment, which shines as you look at the painting in different directions. Very cool -but I guess you'll have to take my word for it!!

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