Thursday, August 21, 2014

"God's Palette", oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"God's Palette", 12 x 12" oil painting on Arches oil paper

This is a 'studio' painting that I did while at our cottage in Ontario this July. We get the most amazing sunsets there, a wonderful ending to beautiful sun filled days.

I thought I should comment on the supports I have been painting on while travelling. I have 2 that I love: one is Multimedia Artboard and the other is Arches Oil Paper. I gesso both of them as I find them too absorbant on their own. The Artboard is brittle, it as it is easy to crack off a corner if you aren't careful. I tape both of the supports to a hardboard of the same size. If the painting works out, then I mount them onto sealed hardboard with soft gel medium and weight them with books until dry. Perfectly archival, they are wonderfully light supports for travel when weight is an issue. Plus the cost is way lower than any other support, so there is no pressure to creative expression.

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