Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Acrylic Explorations by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Nest", 8x10" acrylic on clayboard

In April I was thrilled to study with Linda Kemp, a wonderful artist from Ontario. She is a very accomplished artist who's primary medium is watercolour (she's the master of negative painting!) and now is working in acrylic in a similar way, but with the addition on opaque paint. I have never used Ampersand's clayboard before and found it an interesting but expensive surface.

"Koi Pond", 15 x 15" acrylic on canvas mounted on 16x16" gallery wrap canvas
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This one is built out of many, many layers of opaque and transparent paint. I like the movement in it as well as the irridescent glaze on the underwater fish.

"Leaf Patterns", 14 x 14" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

Another one with multiple layers and glazing, this time on a canvas that I had textured with varying thickness and splatters of gesso, in order to add some surface interest to the painting. I really enjoyed the play of transparent with the opaque areas and the depth that this technique brings.

"Summer Evening", 14 x 14" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
$595, painted around edges so no frame required
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This is the last painting of this series. After making a very involved and visually textured surface, I began to see some tree shapes in the washes. I went with that idea and painted the sky and water, leaving the trees. Got to love negative painting, especially when it turns out so positively great!!

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