Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lake O'Hara Paint-out by Sharon Lynn Williams

 "Lake O'Hara Splendor", 12x 12" plein air oil on board

This September saw my plein air buddies and I painting once again at the magnificent Lake O'Hara in BC. This was my effort on our first day -the sun was out and it was GLORIOUS! I have painted from this place before, but never in such wonderful light. See previous year's efforts in the snow here,  here, and here. This was the first painting to sell at my current show at Fallen Leaf Gallery in Canmore.

"Opabin Lake", 9 x 12" plein air oil on board
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Opabin plateau holds the most number of mind blowing painting locations that I have ever seen. This is my first try at this scene, but it won't be my last!

"Larch And Odaray", 12 x 12" plein air oil on board
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This was my last painting of the trip as the rain blew in for the next 2 days, and it was just too cold and wet to paint outside, and too dark in the Elizabeth Parker hut. Seems to be the story of our paintouts - half the time it is glorious, and the other half, not so much!
I was really taken by this scene. It seemed to be a battle of beauty between the larch showing off its fall glory and the majestic Mt Odaray in the background.

The las two paintings are still available at Fallen Leaf Gallery in Canmore, and should be there until the end of December -unless one of you grabs it!


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Diana Moses Botkin said...

Beautiful work, Sharon!

gideon sockpuppet said...

Very nice plein air paintings! I have hiked in and travelled through the areas you paint. Nice sense of place.

Sharon Lynn Williams said...

Thank you Diana and Gideon, for your kind compliments and for taking the time to tell me!