Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm back with artists who have inspired me

I am very embarrassed that my last post was in March! I haven't forgotten about the blog, but life just got too busy and I had to let go of something, so the blog posting went. I have often thought "I should post..." but then the longer I was away from it, the harder it was to begin again. Then last week I was informed by Patience Brewster that August is Artist Appreciation Month, which was news to me. So in the spirit of that 'holiday' I was thinking about ALL the wonderful artists who have inspired me over my 30 year art carreer, and that is a very long list! Off the top of my head I would say these people began something new in me:
Brian Atyeo -I have taken 5 workshops with Brian and have learned something new each time, even though the basic principles of what he teaches remains the same. You can only grasp what you are ready to grasp! Brian also changed his way of painting while at the height of his carreer, fighting to retain his galleries. This was a huge risk for him and his family, and I think this speaks to his dedication to creating his work.
Stephen Quiller- I had the pleasure of taking a weekend workshop with Steve as well as a 10 day painting trip to Scotland in 2010. I learned all I know about colour from Steve, and spent 2 years just going through his wonderful books and experimenting with colour schemes.

Virginia Cobb was my first abstract teacher and has remained an inspiration to this day. (unfortunatley she doesn't allow her paintings to be coppied)

Dale Roberts and Willow Bader are my encaustic inspirations. I was fortunate to see Willow demonstrate this summer in her studio in Seattle, and I am super excited to take a semi-private workshop with Dale in October at his studio in Philadelphia!! Believe it or not, these last two paintings are done entirely in encaustic (pigmented hot wax)

So that is just a few of the excellent artists who have inspired me in my art carreer.
I will begin posting a couple of times a week again naow that I have started. So stay tuned, we have a lot to catch up on!


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