Friday, September 18, 2015

Painting at Big Hawk Lake, Ontario

"Hawk Lake Shoreline", 12x12" oil on panel
$575 framed

My hubby and I spent the last two weeks of August at our family cottage on Big Hawk Lake, which is about a half hour south of Algonquin Park in Ontario. This is a small slice of heaven, and I love to take my paints and set up a floating plein air set-up in our paddle boat with an anchor (tried the canoe but it was too tippy and subject to wind drift!). This year the weather was cool, windy and often rainy so I had to resort to taking photos to paint from in the protection of the cottage. This was the first one that I did -the spot is just around the shore from our place.

"The Island -Big Hawk Lake", 12x12" oil on panel
$575 framed

My second painting was done at one of my favorite spots on the lake, that I call "The Island". I have painted this island many times and it always looks different. You can see the scattered showers advancing here. The water was quite high for this time of year, usually much more rock is visible.

"Feldspar, Moss & Lichen", 12x12" oil on panel

This is the directly across a little path of water from the painting location above. I am always struck by the coral-pink feldspar in some of the rocks on our lake, which is particulary prominant at this spot. I love how it contrasts with the yellow-green moss and the blue-green lichen that share their glory here.

"Colours Of Hawk Lake", 12x12" oil on panel
$575 framed

This is another view of the same spot, just from a little further away. All the rain made the colours just sing! No chance of forest fires getting out of control in this area of the world. While in Ontario I kept reading about how the smoke from forest fires was keeping my friends in Calgary locked up in their homes. I really didn't mind the rain!

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Murray Breen said...

Very nice! Love the Hawk Lake ones.

Sharon Lynn Williams said...

Thanks so much Murray, I'm glad you like them!