Monday, September 14, 2015

Return to Lake O'Hara, and weather!!

"View From Sargeant's Point", 12x12" plein air oil on panel
$575 framed

I had the great pleasure to return to Lake O'Hara in Yoho Provincial Park last week, which is my favorite place to paint on the planet. Unfortunately the weather was not ideal and we arrived in 4" of snow. The above painting was done on our last day as the weather was just beginning to clear.

"Along O'Hara's Shoreline", 9x12" plein air oil on panel
$495 framed

This was the painting I did on our first day. All the peaks were socked in, but the colour in the shore was incredible against all that gray. I was intrigued with the red moss that grew with the yellow-green -don't know why, but it was beautiful!

"Mt. Shaeffer Reflections", 12x12" plein air oil on panel
$575 framed

This was my effort on our third day. I love the way the reflections play on the colour of the lake, with the lake bottom showing up particularly in the areas of dark reflections. Hard to catch at the best of times and extremely challenging when painting plein air. But that's the kind of thing that challenges me and makes me coming back for more.

The first time I went to paint at Lake O'Hara in 2008 it was 25 degrees and sunny and we hiked and painted in our shorts and tee shirts. I have been back 5 more times since then, and haven't had that kind of luck again. Maybe next year...

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Alice Saltiel-Marshall said...

It was a blast, crummy weather and all!
I still think "Along O'Hara's Shoreline" is one helluva fine painting. So are all the others.
You're making very fine art Sharon. Hope to paint along side of you again (even though we really didn't at O'Hara) soon and more. Cheers!

Sharon Lynn Williams said...

Thank you so much Alice -I highly respect your opinion. I am happy to paint with you any time!!