Friday, April 8, 2016

New bird painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Robin & Mountain Ash", 6x6" oil on panel

I spent Friday painting with my friend "Marjorie Mae", aka Marj Broadhead. I had prepared a couple of photos and we set the timer for 1 hour for each 6x6" painting. It was so much fun! (You can look on her FB page to see her interpretations). This was my first one. I was sure happy that I had set the timer as it kept me from picking it to death! I like the subsequent looseness.

"In The Tree Tops", 6x6" oil on panel

Here is my second birdie. You might be interested in the support I used. I got my dear hubby to cut up some 3/4" hardboard into 6x6" squares.. Then I put one layer of GAC100 on tops and sides to seal them from the lignans escaping and discoloring my painting (see support induced discolouration or SID).Then 2 coats of gesso followed, sanding in between and at the end to make a smooth surface. I find this very similar to the Ampersand boards at a fraction of the cost. If the painting is successful, my DH just drills a hole in the top middle on the back to accommodate a nail on the wall, I paint the sides of the panel black, and tada, I have a hangable art piece. That way I can sell them inexpensively, a deal for the customer, and easy with no framing for me. Please feel free to steal this idea for yourself!!

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